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How to Ace SEO Rankings without Creating Content

One of the most popular (and proven!) ways to rank higher is content marketing. And we’d know, being the top Phoenix SEO company and all.

But it certainly isn’t easy to consistently produce great content. For many businesses, producing well-researched, unique, and high quality content on a daily basis can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Or maybe you simply don’t have the patience it takes to boost the rankings with content posting.

We get it. Content marketing is a long term strategy that needs consistent investment of time as well as money. So your hesitancy is completely understandable.

Still, there are ways you can improve your keyword rankings without producing more content. Let’s take a look.

Listing your business locally: Set up a Google My Business listing page for your business. If your business is located in more than one location, create a separate listing for each location. These listings are placed above the organic search results, hence get the most clicks.

Set up the technical SEO: If you haven’t already, set up the technical SEO; it will help Google index the existing pages on your website more successfully. Here are the key components of technical SEO;

URL structures – also helpful in Google indexing. To rank your primary keyword better, it is crucial that the title tags matche with the page name (

Title tags – which tells Google what your web page is about.

Robots.txt file – this one tells Google which pages not to index (crawl)

XML sitemap – it’s like the table of contents or index page for Google that helps it crawl your website more thoroughly.

Search console settings – this helps you request manual crawls from Google, and you can also set your website’s preferences (for example, WWW vs. non-WWW; http vs. https; etc)

Ensure good page speed load times: Some time ago, Google realized that mobile users tend to skip using Google when the web pages load too slowly. To remedy that, now page loading speed is an official Google ranking factor.

So make sure to run regular speed checks on your website. There are a handful of great tools online you can use to test the speed;

  • GTmetrix
  • Mobile Friendly Test
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom

Create internal links: This means cross-linking your web pages to one another. Google appreciates it as this allows it to crawl the web pages more effectively. To improve your ranking, it uses the anchor text links for context. Also, remember that you should use your keywords for hyperlinking, and not general phrases like “click here.”

Taking advantage of social media: Consistently interact and engage with your audience on your social media platforms as it generates organic backlinks over time. If your business has a Twitter account, remember that the best hours for getting reTweets are 9 am in the morning; 3 pm in the noon, and 6 pm in the evening.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, keep your work experience up-to-date and keep uploading new images – every new update sends an alert to your entire LinkedIn network.

List your business in directories: No, it is not old-fashioned at all! A lot of businesses miss out on this gold of an opportunity. Sometimes these directories help you rule the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for your keywords. There are some high authority listing sites, directories, and review sites online, and listing on some can give your business the ‘next-best’ visibility.

Directories vary from industry to industry, but here are of the most common ones;


Acquiring backlinks from high authority websites: This takes more effort (and money) than most, but it’s even more powerful than content marketing. Basically, you have to acquire more backlinks to improve the ranking of your existing web pages. Though, it has to be noted that acquiring backlinks from high authority and quality domains is not an easy feat.

First you’d need to do an extensive keyword research and figure out where you stand on your current SERPs. Then you will need to reach out to the various website owners and convince them to give you the backlinks.

A Final Word

So, all in all, either you can invest in content marketing or you will have to resort to the number of other tricks outlined above. If content production is really not an option for you, you have to be ready to pay for the utilizing the other methods for driving the users to your website. We are talking about advertising and PPC (Pay Per Click).

One thing to note is with all these other methods the traffic is directed to your site only as long as you pay for it. If you stop paying, the traffic stops too. Which is not the case with content marketing at all – the blog posts will keep driving traffic even years after the first publication.

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