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Best SEO Strategies for Your New Website

Launching a new website for your business? Let’s talk about some of the best Phoenix SEO practices to get your website the right exposure.

Make Indexation Easy

The first –and the easiest- thing to do to make sure users find your website in the search results is to make your website easy for the search bots to crawl and index. As much as it pains us to say, many times blog writers and website owners simply ‘forget’ to make their pages indexable.

If Google bots can’t even find your web pages, how do you think you’re going to appear in the search results, let alone rank well? What happens most of the time is people set the domain setting to ‘noindex, nofollow’ because, understandably, the web pages are still a work-in-progress. But when the page goes live, they forget to change the settings. Make sure to double check that you have changed the setting to ‘index, dofollow’.

Do Not Exceed the Character Count

This is in reference to the Meta Data – Meta Titles, and Meta Descriptions. In addition to making sure that these include focus keywords, you should also pay close attention to the character length. Google recently changed the character limits for Meta Title and Meta Description to 70 and 160 characters respectively. Go through your website pages carefully to ensure that each page meets this prerequisite.

If you’re not a big fan of manual labor (HA!), you can use Webmaster Tools for checking the character count.

Differentiate Your Website from Your Competitor’s

You know what the audience is sick of? The same generic content EVERYWHERE. The only time you should be afraid of standing out in the crowd is when you’re at a funeral. Seriously. Aspire to become unique, and you will be rewarded with customers’ loyalty.

Research your competitors and figure out how they are ranking for keywords that you want to rank for. Then find ways to create fresh content that is only keyword-rich, but also gives your users a new experience. If you can’t find new information to share, put a distinctive spin on the old information. Use infographics and video presentations to create visually appealing content. Also, use Copyscape to make sure your website content is unique and not copied from another website.

Internal Linking is Necessary for Easy Navigation

Gone are the days when SEO was only about ranking your website better; now, it’s also used to improve the user experience. Using internal linking for your website pages is crucial as it helps the visitors navigate the site and go from one useful page to another. Find out which site pages are most important and appropriately link them to allow better search results for users, as well as the search engines.

All these steps might seem small and inconsequential, but it takes time to build a solid SEO strategy. Rome was not built in a day. Keep an eye on these technical aspects and your new website will start attracting organic traffic in no time.

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