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Don’t Let Google Penalize Your Blog

All Phoenix SEO companies will tell you the best way to gain organic search engine traffic is by achieving high rankings in Google.  Since ranking high on Google results isn’t easy, many businesses try to go the short-cut way.

For obvious reasons this doesn’t work. If you don’t address your customers’ needs, they won’t stay! And what’s worse? You might just get penalized. This can result in the drop of rankings for every page of a site, for a specific keyword, or for a specific page.

Here are a few tips on how to steer clear of these penalties.

Original and Authoritative Content

Low quality, duplicate content can trigger Google Panda to penalize your website. Today Google bots can easily detect unoriginal, thin and spun content. Creating fresh and comprehensive content is the best way to not only attract regular search engine traffic, but also to stay in Google’s good books.

Creating great content requires time and effort but also pays off very well. Featuring long and in-depth content on your website and blogs will also greatly improve your SERP rankings.

Be sure to include lots of data references and links to authority websites in your posts to establish credibility.

High Quality Backlinks

Low-quality backlinks have been the leading cause of attracting Google penalties in the last 2-3 years. If your website has a lot of spammy backlinking or the majority of its links are coming from irrelevant websites, you are likely to be slapped by Google Penguin penalty (if not already.)

When you are building backlinks for your posts, make sure all your target websites are either within your niche, or strongly related to it. It’s always a good idea to run background checks on social media following and user engagement.

Responsive Website Design

Google has now launched a new search engine algorithm update called Mobilegeddon that prioritizes websites with a mobile version or responsive design and ranks them higher. This mobile friendly algorithm update demotes websites that do not support mobile visitors.

This move has come into force as 50% of all Google searches now come from smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, Google strongly recommends having a mobile version of your website.

Strong Brand Signals

Strong brand assets and brand signals are synonymous with credibility and trust, and it gives you a major advantage over your competitors. Even if you have some loopholes in your SEO strategy, you will be much more likely to escape search engine penalties if you have established your website as a brand.

The key to establishing your website as a brand is by building trust on the internet. You can do this by creating a professional, well-designed and responsive website; building social media following and regularly engaging with followers; and creating more backlinks with branded anchor text.

Learning to avoid any type of Google penalty is to understand the emphasis Google puts on user experience. You have to make sure you have your end user in mind while devising your SEO strategy.

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