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Email Marketing Tips to Make Your Audience Love You

Email marketing campaigns have never been more important than they are today. Columbus web design brings to you the best practices in email marketing that all the experts swear by.

Before we begin, remember that email marketing is all about building connections with your existing and potential customers. Let that be the end goal of all the decisions you take. Once, you’ve let that sink in, read on to learn how to go about it.


The last thing anyone needs is another addition to the many automated, robotic mails that inevitably clutters their inbox every day. Let’s face it, everyone likes to feel special and your subscribers are no different. You can start with something as simple as including the person’s name in the body of the mail.

As you gradually build a relationship with your subscribers over time and gather more information about them, you can use it to optimize your personalization levels. Personalization has been proven to give amazing results across all industries and markets, increasing open and click rates by up to 8%.

Test and Revise

With email marketing still ranking as the number one marketing channel, a number of platforms have developed tools to help marketers perfect their pitch. You can test almost anything with the right platform. For example, open rates can tell you how your subject line is performing and click through rates can be a good evaluator of the body of your mail.

Similarly, you can check the performance of images, CTA buttons, send times and even message length. This helps you discover what works with your subscribers and what doesn’t.  If you carefully analyze these reports, you can polish up your strategies and get more efficient.


This factor is ignored by a lot of marketers out there. If you’re offering great value to your subscribers but your timing is wrong, chances are they will forget all about it five minutes after reading your mail.

You should always consider our audience, the product being sold, and the time of day it gets delivered before hitting that send button. Your audience will be more inclined to act to your promotional messages if they get it at a time relevant for the consumption of products you offer.

Ask Questions

The best way to get people engaged and want to come back is to make them curious. The easiest way to do this is by asking questions. When you pose a question in the subject line of your email, the recipients can’t help but think about it, if not out loud then subconsciously.

There are many kinds of questions you can ask like the curiosity question, the personal question, the reveal question or the confrontation question. It doesn’t matter as long as you are creating a   closer connection between yourself and your audience.

In conclusion, remember that your business is unique and so is your customer base. What works for others may not necessarily work for you. The best business strategy is to listen to you subscribers, anticipate their needs and cater to those needs.

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