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Making These Mistakes Can Actually Turn You Into an Expert Link Builder!

Mistakes make you better and this Phoenix SEO company is here to tell you how making mistakes can make you a better link builder.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes we come across. Read through and maybe take away a lesson or two.

Stay away from the Comments Section

If you are tempted to ask for links in the comment section of a post you like, DON’T. It comes across as lazy and stupid and oh so unprofessional! You probably won’t even be noticed, as people who ask for links in comment sections usually leave behind a similar long trail in dozens of other comment sections too.

Linking into a quote, guest post, sponsored post or interview

This is a mistake that many link builders make. Granted, the webmaster has a right to insert a link if they want to provide a reference, even if it’s to their own site but a few months down the road it’s just ridiculous. The reason I say this is because quotes, interviews and guest posts are not ‘your’ content and therefore shouldn’t be messed with.

Linking on a Deindexed Page

If you use discovery methods other than Google, chances are that you might secure links on sites that are deindexed. Even if you rely on Google, it is a good practice to ensure that the particular page you’re getting a link on is indexed. It’s possible for a website to look pretty good at first glance with decent metrics and still be deindexed, so it’s always good to run a check.

Not Doing your Research

Many link builders make the mistake of contacting someone who specifically says they don’t do whatever it is you want. Many sites specify in their websites that they do not want to be contacted for guest posts, they do not offer text links, they do not use outside authors etc.

It’s recommended to always do a quick site search for such information before contacting the owner.

Contacting Client’s Related Sites

If you haven’t done your homework, you may end up contacting several of a client’s sister sites, which, we can all agree, is embarrassing. It reflects poorly on you and will probably hurt your chances of getting a link. You can avoid this from happening by maintaining a database to record all sister sites of your clients.

Linking on a Hacked Site

Making this mistake is rare, but it can (and has!) happen. This happens because hacking is not always obvious. You might come across some sites that look fine but have hacked pages. You don’t notice these hacked pages unless you’ve done a site search. That is why it is recommended to always do that search beforehand.

Making mistakes is fine, encouraged even, provided you learn from them. You can count on making plenty of mistakes even after you’ve become an expert link builder! You need to talk about these mistakes and take the time to listen to the mistakes others have made as well. It will help get you better at your job.

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